Bashair Nimr's versatility is in budgeting, scheduling and execution.Bashair Nimr will tailor the intricate plans necessary to bring a project on time and on budget..


Communication is key on every project. During construction, Bashair Nimr will do everything from controlling costs to executing an effective safety plan, and will provide timely and accurate project status reports.Our responsibility for excellent client service continues through the post construction period. The project team will be the leaders on all postconstruction items, especially any warranty items. This approach ensures that clients always know who to go to for assistance with any issue.


Bashair Nimr can also provide extensive knowledge of Electrical works,sustainable construction, renewable energy, alternative finance and procurement, and a deep understanding of regional government compliance. No matter what the project, no matter how large or small, Bashair Nimr's project teams will always be responsive and will remain malleable and versatile throughout the life cycle of the build.Our project diversity and commitment to quality has allowed us to exceed client needs and expectations.